About BankPlus

Our Vision and Values

  • Our Vision

    We are a high-performing TEAM committed to fulfilling promises,building lasting relationships and making dreams come true.

    Our Values

    • Integrity
    • Trust
    • Respect
    • Passion
    • Service
    • Accountability
    • Teamwork
    • Innovation


    Our Values (Defined)


    • We do the right thing in all circumstances. 
    • We act openly and honestly in all situations.
    • We admit mistakes and learn from them.
    • We deliver on all promises. 
    • We coordinate our efforts toward a common goal. 


    • We are honest, reliable and dependable. 
    • We hold customer information in confidence.
    • We safeguard our customers’ assets by being honest, prudent and determined.
    • We sincerely give advice and counsel to guide borrowers and investors.
    • We rely on and have confidence in each other. 


    • We recognize and appreciate the value of each individual. 
    • We consider others’ backgrounds and beliefs.
    • We consider others’ opinions and new ideas. 
    • We exhibit care and concern for others.
    • We accept and support decisions even when we have a difference of opinion.  


    • We are enthusiastic and our desire and drive is obvious.
    • We bring enthusiasm and energy to every task.
    • We actively remove obstacles to achieve goals.
    • We demonstrate a positive attitude and an unconditional willingness to support the team.
    • We smile because we have a sense of ownership and pride. 


    • We proactively meet the needs of others.
    • We respond quickly to customer requests.
    • We exceed customer expectations.
    • We invest time, energy and resources to support our communities. 


    • We accept responsibility for our role in supporting the bank’s core purpose, vision and values.
    • We set personal “stretch” goals.
    • We monitor performance toward achieving goals.
    • We work together to meet team and corporate goals.
    • We accomplish more than what is expected.  


    • We work together toward a common cause.
    • We rely on and have confidence in each other.
    • We model selflessness in our success.
    • We willingly cooperate with others.
    • We openly communicate across all lines of business. 


    • We continually leverage information, technology, imagination and initiative.
    • We automate the delivery of information.
    • We seek out and apply new technologies, exceeding the expectations of the team and our customers.
    • We use our internal resources to create solutions for the needs of our bank.
    • We embrace change and seek the best solutions.