Go.Green.Online Statements

Less paper, greater convenience, more security.

Our FREE online statements offer you the ability to access your monthly statements within e-BankPlus. 

  • Receive the same information as your paper statement in an online version
  • Receive e-mails notifying you of when your statement is available
  • View and print up to three years of statements from one screen
  • Reduce your risk of fraud and identity theft by stopping paper statements and receiving statements securely online
  • Choose to switch back to paper statements at any time

To receive online statements you must first enroll/register in our FREE online banking service e-BankPlus. 


To add online statements within e-BankPlus:

  1. Log into e-BankPlus online banking
  2. From the Account Access tab, select the Online Statements link
  3. Accept the Online Statement Authorization


 To begin viewing your online statements:

  1. Log into e-BankPlus
  2. Select the Online Statements link
  3. Select the Account for which you would like to view statements from the drop-down menu





*All customers who request online statements will be automatically removed from paper statements.  By accepting the authorization, all of your BankPlus accounts in which you are either an individual or joint owner or a custodian will be available for viewing.  For account(s) with multiple owners, each individual owner must register separately for access to Online Statements and accept the authorization.