Enhanced Consumer Login Upgrade for Personal Online Banking

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Beginning July 24th 2013, your Personal Online Banking account will be enhanced with new security features. This enhancement is based on new government guidelines for safer and stronger User IDs and Passwords to make Online Banking even more secure.

The first time you log into your Online Banking account after the upgrade, you will be guided through an easy three-step process to strengthen your account security.

Step 1: User ID and Password Check
Step 2: Phone Number and Email Setup
Step 3: Verify and Register

Step 1: User ID and Password Check
Log into your Personal Online Banking Account as you would normally. Upon login the system will check to see if your current User ID and Password meet the new enhanced criteria. If one or both of the login credentials do not match the new criteria, you will be required to update.

Step 2: Phone Number and Email Setup
To gain access to your Online Banking account and to enroll a computer/device you will need to receive a one-time passcode. You can choose to receive the one-time passcode via email, voice or text message.

  • Enter at least one phone number where you would like to receive text and/or voice messages to receive your passcode.
    Please note:
    • Any phone number added will be automatically enrolled to receive the one-time passcode by voice; if you choose to receive the passcode via text, you will select this option during the verification process.
    • We highly recommend adding a phone number to your one-time passcode contacts. If you have forgotten your online banking password, it can only be retrieved via phone.
  • If you would like to receive the one-time passcode via email, you will enter the address in this step also.
    Please note: The email field may be pre-populated with the email address that was used to set up online banking. If you choose to update the email address it will change for all Online Banking communications.


Step 3: Verify and Register
During the final step, you will need to verify that your phone number(s) and/or email address entered during Step 2 are correct.
  • After verifying your information is correct, you will need to select where you would like your one-time passcode to be sent.
  • Once method of passcode is selected you will receive either a text, voicemail or email (depending on method chosen) containing your one-time passcode.
  • Enter the passcode and select whether or not you would like to register the computer/device you are using.

Once you have completed Step 3 you will be taken to your Online Banking account.

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