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Savings Made Simple

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    Summer Vacation. New Car. Rainy Day Fund. What are you saving for? 

    Save money effortlessly with Savings Made Simple! 

    Every time you use your BankPlus Debit Card, the transaction will be rounded up to the next whole dollar amount. The “round up” amount will then be automatically transferred from the checking account attached to your debit card to your BankPlus Savings Account. All you need to get started with this free service is your BankPlus checking account, BankPlus debit card and a BankPlus savings account. 


    ENROLL | Stop by any BankPlus office and tell them you would like to sign up for Savings Made Simple. 

    SHOP | Shop as you normally would using the BankPlus debit card tied to your checking account. 

    SAVE |  Each time you make a purchase with your BankPlus debit card, the purchase price will be rounded up to the nearest dollar amount and the difference will automatically be transferred into your BankPlus savings account. 

    Don't have a checking or savings account with BankPlus? Open an account today to get started saving.



    What is Savings Made Simple?
    Savings made Simple is a free service offered to customers of BankPlus with an active non-money market checking account, debit card and savings account that automatically rounds up your debit card purchases to the nearest dollar and deposits the difference into your savings account.

    What is the cost for this service?
    There is not a cost to enroll in the service. Simply stop by any BankPlus location and a bank employee will sign you up for the Savings Made Simple service.

    What do I need in order to get started?
    In order to utilize the Savings Made Simple service, you will need to have a BankPlus Checking account with a BankPlus Debit Card linked to the account, and a BankPlus Savings account.

    Can I use any debit card for this program?
    Only BankPlus debit cards linked to a BankPlus Checking account are eligible for the Saving Made Simple service.

    If I have multiple BankPlus checking accounts, can I sign up for Saving Made Simple for all of my checking accounts?
    Yes. You may sign up all of your personal BankPlus checking accounts for this service that have a debit card linked to the account.

    I am seeing an additional Savings Made Simple transaction on my statement?
    For every purchase you make with the debit card linked to the account, BankPlus will add together all of the Savings Made Simple rounded up balances. We will then debit the checking account and credit the savings account. There will be only one deduction from the checking account for Savings Made Simple each day, which will show as Savings Made Simple on your bank statement.

    I made several purchases yesterday but I am not seeing the rounded up amount for my Savings Made Simple transfer.
    Once the Debit Card Transactions post, the Savings Made Simple round up amount will be processed the following business day if funds are available.

    Can my round up amount be deposited into multiple Savings accounts?
    The rounded up amount can only go into one BankPlus Savings account.

    Can the round up amount be deposited into an account that is not mine?
    Yes. The round up amount can be deposited into any BankPlus savings account as designated by one of the checking account owners.

    If I cancel today, will the transactions from yesterday still post?
    Yes. Canceling today will only stop tomorrow’s Savings Made Simple transaction from posting.

    I do not have a Savings account and want to utilize this service. Can my round up go into another checking account?
    No. The round up amount may only be deposited into a BankPlus Savings Account.

    The only BankPlus Checking account I have is a BankPlus Money Market account. Can I utilize this service?
    No. This service is only available on BankPlus Non-Money Market Checking accounts.

    What types of debit card transactions qualify for Savings Made Simple?
    Both signature-based and PIN-based debit card transactions qualify for Savings Made Simple. Transactions preformed at an ATM do not qualify.

    How do I UN-enroll in Savings Made Simple?
    To UN-enroll from Savings Made Simple, stop by a BankPlus location and a bank employee will provide you with the form to un-enroll from the service.

    I received a new BankPlus debit card for the Checking account used for Savings Made Simple. Will this affect my enrollment?
    Changing Debit Cards will cause no interruption in the Savings Made Simple service for the checking account.

    I had to open a new Checking account to replace my account currently being used for Savings Made Simple. Will this affect my enrollment?
    Yes. The new Checking account will need to be enrolled in Savings Made Simple.