Text Banking

  • Text message banking allows you to access your account information and receive account notifications on your text enabled device.  

    • Access the balance of checking and savings accounts
    • Transfer money between your BankPlus accounts
    • Set a designated primary account
    • View five most recent transactions from your primary account
    • Receive weekly notification of primary account balance
    • Receive low balance alerts when primary account goes below a designated level

    Text Commands:
    • BAL - receive available balance on primary account
    • BAL CHK - receive current account balance of all active checking accounts
    • BAL SAV - receive current balance on all savings accounts (excluding money market)
    • BAL ALL - receive current balances for all active accounts
    • LAST - receive five most recent transactions from primary account
    • TRANS +$amount - receive updated balances for the transfer account and the primary account
    • HELP - receive helpful information about text banking
    • STOP - terminate text message banking from phone