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Top 100 FAQs
Why is a Routing number important and where do I find it?
Bank Routing or ABA number
What are your banking hours?
What are the bank's holidays?
Bank Holidays
How do I deposit money into my personal checking account?
Can I get some type of overdraft protection?
Overdraft Protection
Can I wire money?
Wire Transfers
How long will it take me to get my ATM/CheckCard?
How do I find out about employment opportunities with BankPlus?
Can I add someone else to my checking account?
Add a secondary owner to your account
Can I view my transactions at any time?
Access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
How much can I borrow using an EquityPlus line of credit?
What are my options regarding transferring funds between BankPlus accounts?
Transfer monies
How do I transfer funds from my checking account to savings?
Transfer funds
What are the current Mortgage rates?
Mortgage Rates
This is the same as Quicken Online right? Why can’t I see my Quicken Online information and history when I access my information through Internet Banking?
How do I change my e-BankPlus password?
How do I change my user ID?
Does BankPlus charge for Online Bill Pay?
Free Online Bill Pay
When I open my checking and savings account, will I have immediate access to my money?
Availability policy
What should I do if I have problems logging in to Bank2go using my mobile device?
Bank2go Login Error
I want to add my car loan at BankPlus but all I see are my checking and savings accounts. How do I add the car loan?
Can I change my Personal Identification Number (PIN) on my BankPlus CheckCard?
Checkcard PIN
Can I set up bill payments here?
On my personal account, how do I maximize security on the computer I use regularly?
e-BankPlus Secure Login
Why can’t I see the first few transactions of my account history?
How much car can I afford?
What is the purpose of the “Add Account” area on the left hand side of my screen? I see all my BankPlus accounts listed here. What other accounts can I add?
Online Banking FinanceWorks
Do I have to enroll in Online Banking to see my Online Statements?
How does BankPlus handle Security?
Can I apply for an account online?
apply online
How much can I borrow?
Is BankPlus stock publicly traded?
Stock Trade
What is Verified by Visa?
How do I view my transactions?
I didn’t log out of FinanceWorks, but when I try to view my accounts, I get a timeout error. Why?
What is a home equity line of credit?
My BankPlus account information doesn’t seem to be updating automatically. Why not?
How do I set up nicknames for my accounts on e-BankPlus?
What is an IRA?
I am a small business owner with about 50 employees and I need organizational help paying bills, making payroll, etc.. Does your bank offer any services that can assist me?
How often is my account information from other financial institutions updated?
How will I know my Mobile Deposit will be credited to my account?
I see that my account information from my other financial institutions is not displaying my transactions from today in FinanceWorks. How do I view my most current transactions (from today)?
How do I change the sort order of my transaction on my e-BankPlus Account Access screen?
Can you explain to me how to track my spending using the pie charts?
How do I reset my company's user with e-BankPlus for Business?
What makes WellnessPlus different from other corporate wellness programs?
There are bill reminders that I didn’t add – why are they there?
It seems like it takes a long time to access FinanceWorks through Internet Banking. Why?
How do I change my account history date range?
Can I download my transactions directly into Excel?
Does BankPlus offer any type of gift card?
How do I categorize my Mastercard bill when I pay it from my checking account? It seems that that expense will get counted twice in my spending reports – once from my Mastercard account and once from my checking account.
If I want to file my taxes online, may I access TurboTax via this site?
I see this Bill Reminder section – can I pay my bills through FinanceWorks?
How many offices does BankPlus have?
If I set up a bill reminder, does that schedule the payment?
Are there any fees charged when I apply for an EquityPlus line of credit?
Where is the export feature on Business Banking?
Are BankPlus deposit accounts FDIC insured?
How do I find the nearest BankPlus banking office?
How is RealBalance calculated? Can I edit it?
Can I add my own spending categories?*
Why are there transactions on my bank’s website that aren't in FinanceWorks yet?
How does FinanceWorks select the categories to display when I first click the My Budget tab?
I changed my Internet Banking password at my other bank/credit union. Do I need to change it in Personal FinanceWorks?
How do I remove a duplicate transaction?
Why would I have to mark a reminder as paid – isn’t it automatic?
How often are rates updated?
What is PMI and how is it calculated?
Private Mortgage Insurance
Can you explain RealBalance to me? Are my bill reminders included in my RealBalance?
How can I move money from my personal checking account?
How is the average calculated?
Will I be able to initiate an ACH Payment or Submit a Wire Transfer from my mobile device?
BankPlus2Go for Business
What is a CD?
I don’t understand how the spending totals are calculated – Can you explain those to me?
I want to edit multiple transactions at once – I need to re-categorize all my past Home Depot transactions to be “lawn and garden” instead of “household.”
How does FinanceWorks handle Multifactor Authentication at my other financial institution?
How do I see a year’s worth of data in my spending report?
Can I order my deposit account statements on a compact disk?
If I return an item I purchased, how do I categorize the refund so my spending reports are accurate?
What is my daily limit for Mobile Deposit?
I need a low cost checking account. What does your bank offer?
Does BankPlus sponsor Community Events?
How long would it take to pay off a loan?
How can I access my EquityPlus line of credit?
Access to EquityPlus
Is anyone able to access my personal information?
How long can I draw funds from my EquityPlus line of credit?
Drawing funds from EquityPlus
What is the difference between an APR and an interest rate?
APR vs Interest Rate
Is BankPlus stock publicly traded?
Will I be penalized if I close my certificate of deposit before it matures?
Certificate of Deposit
Are loan decisions made locally?
How can I verify my deposit was credited to my account?
May I view and make adjustments to my FuturePlus account online?
What is WellnessPlus?
Healthy Lifestyle
What should I do if I have problems logging into BankPlus2Go for Business using my mobile device?
BankPlus2Go for Business
If I sign up for Online Statements, will I still receive paper statements in the mail?
Are certificate of deposit and savings accounts my only investment options?
Investment Options
What are some tax advantages of an IRA?
Are Online Statements official documents that I can use for record-keeping, taxes, etc.?

Recently Added FAQs
What do I do with my check once it has been deposited?
What do I do if my check was not deposited?
What is my daily limit for Mobile Deposit?
How can I verify my deposit was credited to my account?
How will I know my Mobile Deposit will be credited to my account?
Will I be able to deposit my U S Treasury or Money Order using Mobile Deposit?
Will I be able to deposit a check which is not made payable to me?
Will I be able to make a deposit to my account if I am not registered for Online Banking - Personal using my social security number?
Can I make a deposit to an account of which I am not an authorized signer?
Can I make a deposit to my Savings account using Mobile Deposit?

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