BankPlus Lockbox Services

If your company collects a large number of customer payments, BankPlus offers a convenient way to help you process them efficiently.

The faster you can process payments while maintaining accuracy, the faster you will make funds available to maximize your cash flow to be used for investing and other business purposes. Our BankPlus Lockbox Solution can simplify your accounts receivable administration.

We employ advanced technology to speed processing, and funds are automatically routed into one central BankPlus account to help you effectively manage your cash flow. Not only can a BankPlus Lockbox save you time and reduce your costs, it can also minimize remittance float.

We have the flexibility to meet your specific needs. We work diligently to see that your individual requirements are met by offering unique processing solutions for your business needs.


  • Saves the time and expense of in-house processing. Helps expedite the entire collection process.
  • Provides same-day transaction information and images of your checks and documents.
  • Enables you to respond to your customers’ inquiries much faster than searching through paper files.
  • Allows other authorized areas of your company to access your remittance information simultaneously.
  • Provides an audit trail for easier research of payment inquiries.
  • Images of checks and remittance documents are archived for up to seven years.
  • Includes support from dedicated BankPlus Lockbox Systems personnel.
  • Improves security of payment handling by separating invoicing and receiving functions.
  • Offers networking options and more efficient business recovery plans.


  • BankPlus Lockbox
  • BankPlus Medical Lockbox
  • BankPlus Association Lockbox

Your images are made available same day. BankPlus also makes your images available on CD, which provides an excellent long-term storage solution for your checks and documents.

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