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At BankPlus we realize the time it takes to get financing on your new home can seem like forever. No matter what type of home you are purchasing our professionals will expedite every phase so you can begin living your dream sooner. 

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Please be aware that this application is for Mississippi Properties only. Any applications submitted for properties located outside the state of Mississippi will not be processed. If you would like to submit an application for a property located in Mississippi, please read the following list of documents that will be needed for BankPlus to process your application.  

  • Last two years' W2 forms
  • Most recent 30-day pay stub
  • Source of down payment; and past two months' checking, savings, investment statements
  • If refinancing, copy of warranty deed
  • If purchasing, need sales contract when executed
  • Divorce decree, if applicable
  • If you are self-employed:
    • Federal income tax returns for past two years
    • Year-to-date profit and loss
    • All schedules for personal and corporate tax returns


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Madison County

Gabe Baldwin (502564) BankPlus Mortgage/Ridgeland  Ofc:601-952-0123 Cell:601-278-2881 GabeBaldwin@BankPlus.net 
Helen Carney (502562)  Strawberry Hill/Madison Ofc:601-605-7560 Cell:601-278-2882 HelenCarney@BankPlus.net 


John Michael Wilson


Clinton Blvd/Clinton     Ofc:601-926-0003  Cell:601-260-8552 JohnWilson@BankPlus.net 


Brenda Jones (502565)  Terry Rd/Jackson Ofc:601-376-4515 Cell:601-201-0034 BrendaJones@BankPlus.net 

DeSoto County

Brenda McNeil (502567) Civic Center/Southaven Ofc:662-342-8574  Cell:901-825-0715 BrendaMcNeil@BankPlus.net 

Harrison County

Michelle McBride (502566) Picayune Downtown Ofc:601-749-3066 Cell:601-273-9878 MichelleMcBride@BankPlus.net 


Carla Gable (649363) Meridian Downtown Ofc:601-553-2210   CarlaGable@BankPlus.net 


Antonio Durham (705032) Lexington Ofc:662-834-6054 Cell:662-834-6054 AntonioDurham@BankPlus.net 

Yazoo City

Debra Crook (705041) Yazoo Jerry Clower Ofc:662-746-0366 Cell:662-746-0366 DebraCrook@BankPlus.net 


Kathryn Donahoo (705020) Belzoni Ofc:662-247-5216 Cell:662-207-3372 KathrynDonahoo@BankPlus.net 


Gina Hudson (627084) Waynesboro Ofc:601-671-2006 Cell:601-410-0897 GinaHudson@BankPlus.net 


Wanda Rhodes (627078) Quitman Ofc:601-776-1125 Cell:601-604-5459 WandaRhodes@BankPlus.net