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Community Development

  • At BankPlus, our strong commitment to community development reflects one of our core values as a company. BankPlus works with hundreds of community-based partners across the state of Mississippi to promote community development and meet the needs of low-to-moderate income residents. Our dedication to community improvement includes the following:

    The BankPlus Affordable Housing Program
    In an effort to promote home ownership, make housing affordable and to improve the quality of life for residents of Mississippi, BankPlus created the BankPlus Affordable Housing Program. Since the implementation of this program in early 2002, BankPlus has enabled hundreds of families to become homeowners.

    Economic Development/Small Business Development
    BankPlus promotes activities and organizations that support permanent job creation and retention and activities that create or strengthen small businesses in low-to-moderate income areas or areas targeted for redevelopment.

    Neighborhood Revitalization and Stabilization
    BankPlus promotes and supports activities that improve economic stability and quality of life conditions in low-to-moderate income communities.

    Community Services
    BankPlus provides services, such as our CreditPlus program, in an effort to improve economic stability in the communities we serve. BankPlus encourages community involvement by its employees who volunteer thousands of hours each year assisting non-profit organizations that provide affordable housing, economic and small business development, neighborhood revitalization and stabilization, and community services.  

    The BankPlus CRA & Community Development Mission Statement
    BankPlus will proactively address the needs of the communities we serve, particularly low-to moderate income areas, through the use of our current products and services. However, when necessary, we will be innovative and flexible in identifying solutions to the identified needs of our marketplace. We will leverage our resources with those of governmental agencies and nonprofit community organizations to ensure the success of community development initiatives.