Agricultural Loans

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Get the financing you need to help grow your agribusiness.

Our lenders are knowledgeable about agriculture and your agribusiness needs. BankPlus extends credit to agribusinesses for crop production, equipment, real estate financing and processing facilities.

Production Loans

BankPlus has expertise in all conventional row crop commodities such as cotton, soybeans, corn, and rice, as well as livestock, timber, and catfish. Depending upon the borrower's seasonal cash flow needs, the Bank can supply multiple advance lines of credit or revolving lines of credit.

Equipment Loans

These loans may be used for cotton pickers, combines, large horsepower tractors and other heavy duty agricultural equipment. Loans to purchase equipment are structured on repayment terms of up to three to five years.

Real Estate Loans

Whether you're interested in cotton ground, hunting ground, timber land, or catfish ponds, BankPlus can structure a loan to fit your needs. Loans to purchase or refinance real estate are structured on terms of up to 20 years with variable rate pricing. Loans with fixed rate have shorter maturity (up to five years) with a balloon payment at maturity, but are amortized up to 20 years.

Purchase or Construction Loans for Agricultural Processing Plants and Equipment

We make agribusiness loans that provide credit facilities for companies that further process agricultural commodities. These loans could cover facilities such as gins, catfish processing plants, and sawmills. BankPlus also assists farmers with financing for on-premises grain storage facilities.

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