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BankPlus can structure loans for the purchase and improvement of all types of commercial real estate.

When the time comes for you to purchase or improve commercial real estate, BankPlus structures loans to help make the process as smooth as possible. We understand the way you work and run projects. Because of that, we work proactively, responding quickly and reducing turnaround times. Our expert team can help you with the following commercial real estate loans:

Land/Lot Acquisition Loans

Short-term loans for the purpose of purchasing a tract of land that will be used for future development and/or the construction of houses or buildings, they are used by builders and developers who plan to build on the lots, sell to other builders, or do a combination of both. 

Land/Lot Development Loans

Designed for developers who plan to build on the lots, sell to other builders, or do a combination of both, short-term loans are purposed for clearing, grading, engineering, street-cutting, laying utility lines, or paving of streets. They are also utilized for other improvements to a tract of land to prepare it for construction of houses or buildings. 

Commercial Construction Loans

With commercial construction projects in mind, these short-term interim loans are for the construction of a commercial building. This loan may be extended to property owners who use a builder under contract to construct and then pay off the construction loan from the proceeds of a permanent loan upon completion of construction.

This loan may also be made to a builder or contractor constructing a pre-sold building to be sold to the owner or tenant upon completion. The contract for this sale between contractor and owner must include a written takeout commitment from a bank or mortgage broker for the prospective owner.

Commercial Real Estate Loan

BankPlus will extend a commercial real estate loan to an individual, partnership, corporation, non-profit organization, church, or association for the permanent financing or refinancing of the purchase or acquisition of any type of real property and/or improvements secured by a recorded first Deed of Trust.

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Whether you are looking to break ground on your first facility or purchase or develop a lot for future expansion, our commercial real estate loans provide you with the funds you need to grow. To learn more about all our commercial lending products or to apply for your real estate loan, visit a BankPlus location near you.

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