Investment Management

One individual at a time. One family at a time. One investment at a time. One goal at a time.


We work with you to help accumulate wealth, while protecting and preserving your hard-earned assets. Our financial experience and expertise rivals large Wall Street firms with the kind of personal commitment you would only expect from people who live by Main Street values.

We start by carefully listening to your goals, your worries and your dreams. Then, we work with you through a variety of smart options to develop an investment plan that feels completely right and makes absolute sense. Your personal plan is implemented using the long-term investment philosophies which have worked for generations of successful investors. Over time, the plan adapts and evolves, based on changes in your life and evolving market conditions.

We work entirely for your benefit, not a corporate headquarters somewhere else. The Wealth Management Group investment philosophy is independent, our fees are completely transparent and we never, ever try to sell you anything. We listen, keep our clients’ interests front and center, and then work hard to prove ourselves and earn your business every day.

Investment Management Team

Tony Edwards - CFA, CPA

  • President
  • Wealth Management Group

James Clark - CFA, CFP®

  • Senior Vice President
  • Wealth Strategies Manager

Andrew Hoeniges - CFA

  • First Vice President
  • Wealth Strategist

Spencer Pipitone, CFA

  • Vice President
  • Wealth Strategist

Investment Services Are: