Certificates of Deposit

Turn savings into earnings.

When you invest in a CD, your money earns interest over a set period of time. Once the CD has matured, you may withdraw the money or roll it over for a new term. BankPlus offers CDs with a variety of terms, interest rates and minimum deposits.

Personal CD Rates

CD Term Annual Percentage Yield (APY)*1 Minimum Deposit Required Interest Credited
30 Days 0.05% $1,000 Maturity
90 Days 0.10% $1,000 Maturity
180 Days 0.15% $1,000 Maturity
1 Year 0.20% $1,000 Quarterly
2 Years 0.25% $1,000 Quarterly
3 Years 0.35% $1,000 Quarterly
4 Years 0.45% $1,000 Quarterly
5 Years 0.55% $1,000 Quarterly

* APY Current as of

1.    Interest rate is variable and subject to change at the discretion of the Bank. Fees may reduce earnings on the account. An early withdrawal penalty may apply.