Payable and receivable services for businesses of any size.

Maximize cash flow and minimize risk. Utilize our secure online Payables and Receivables services to efficiently manage your business finances and make productive decisions.

Remote Deposit Capture

Save time and money by sending checks from your back office to your BankPlus business checking account(s) electronically with DepositPlus, our convenient remote deposit capture service. Features of DepositPlus include:

  • Same-day deposit of funds sent to BankPlus via DepositPlus
  • Archive deposited checks for 2 years
  • Images are readily available
  • Eliminates the need for endorsing checks and handwritten deposit slips
  • Improved cash flow allows your money to work harder
  • Works with a simple electronic scanner in your back office making it invisible to your customers
  • Compatible with any BankPlus business checking account
  • No special phone lines needed (a high-speed Internet connection is required)

Merchant Services

Secure and reliable technology, timely processing, cost effectiveness, and customer service are all critical factors in choosing the right Merchant Services provider. That’s why BankPlus has partnered with Clover, your single source for processing credit and debit cards. We have everything you need from point-of-sale equipment to services. We can support a variety of businesses including retail, restaurant, lodging, Internet and medical offices.

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Direct Deposit

You can offer Direct Deposit of payroll to your employees who already have an established checking account. Direct Deposit through Online Banking for Business allows you to pay employees electronically by depositing payroll directly into their checking accounts, either at BankPlus or another bank. *Some restrictions may apply

Payroll Solutions

ACH Services

Leverage electronic payments via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network to minimize the costly and labor-intensive process of using paper checks. From direct deposit of payroll to corporate payments, utilize ACH services to streamline your payables and receivables while reducing both the cost and potential fraud of issuing paper checks: 

  • Easily and efficiently draft your customers’ accounts
  • Electronically remit payment to suppliers and vendors
  • Simplify daily or monthly reconciliation
  • Utilize ACH services for direct deposit of payroll, whereby reducing the time and cost of issuing payroll checks
  • View embedded ACH remittance via FedEDI

FedEDI Plus

Streamline your ACH payment processes and receive reports to manage your ongoing financial in­formation needs. More than ever before, businesses are moving toward ACH as their preferred method of payment. Increased acceptance of ACH payments has caused the use of EDI (Electronic Data Exchange) to grow substantially. Many businesses find themselves suddenly in need of FedEDI Plus. Features of FedEDI Plus include:

  • Streamlines your ACH payment processing
  • Eases ACH payment processing barriers
  • Automates your retrieval of ACH information
  • Reduces manual processing of ACH payments


Process your customer payments efficiently while simplifying your accounts receivable administration. The faster you can process payments while maintaining accuracy, the faster you will make funds available to maximize your cash flow to be used for investing and other business purposes. Payments are processed, scanned and deposited into your business checking account. Lockbox options include: Wholesale Lockbox, Retail Lockbox and Medical Lockbox.